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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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2009-12-18: 1.62 released
Summary A remote administration tool for subversion servers
Category scm
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) eichelbe, fischerf, gelpke, klausschmid, skowron


SVNControl is a Java remote administration tool for your Subversion (SVN) server. Manage repositories, users and their access permissions, use the scheduler to manipulate permissions automatically and handle hook scripts easily with SVNControl.

SVNControl supports

  • Secure remote administration via SSL and non-SSL secured connections
  • Repository handling (create, rename or delete)
  • User administration (create single or multiple users, rename or delete including LDAP, Active Directory and Atlassian Crowd authentication)
  • Access Permissions (specify user's rights for read/write access to directories and subdirectories)
  • Hooks (transfer hook scripts within zipfiles from client to server)
  • Scheduler (maintain access permissions by time)
  • Plugin mechanism to extend SVNControl by additional functionality
  • Synchronization of Subversion access files among multiple servers



The current binary release and some maintenance versions can be found in the files & download section. (Current) source code versions can be obtained from the project subversion repository.

Next Releases

  • Plans for next releases: -

How to get involved?

Currently, this project and the milestone/version releases for the next future are realized by a few people who are also using this software and get their inspiration from the personal experiences with this program. But for an exciting future of this project, everybody's input matters!

There are a variety of ways to participate. Regardless of how you choose to participate, we suggest you to consider joining our mailing lists.

  • Use the software developed by this project and give us personal feedback.

    Using the software developed by this project, reporting bugs, making feature requests or sharing your ideas on this topic with us is the most important role in participating. Your feedback allows this project to evolve.

  • Contribute Internationalization Artifacts ("Call for contribution and internationalization")

    Due to user requests, the version 1.2 (M2) was completely internationalized, i.e. relevant character strings in individual program parts have been repaced by a request to a message bundle that reads the strings due to the localization settings of the underlying operation system. Currently, German and English (as default language) are provided. In particular, the related files (named e.g. Messages_de_DE.properties) can be created, modified and contributed without intensive or deep programming knowledge.

  • Contribute installation support ("Call for installation support")

    Another form of participating and contributing is to help us improving the installation procedure of SVNControl (in particular the server part, see issue 18 in the issue tracker). Therefore you might provide us with
    • a documentation description/how-to (for a particular operating system/environment)
    • dedicated installation packages e.g. for a Linux package manager (as done for Open Suse 10.3) or as Windows msi installation packages
    • a (Java) installation script based on your experiences
    • text in the SVNControl Wiki
    However, several users are able to install SVNControl with the minimum documentation provided, but others struggle. A more detailed documentation would be helpful and appreciated (as proposed by some users in the past but not provided so far).

  • Contribute Code or Documentation Patches

    You want to actively participate in the actual development of the code? Create a tigris account, request a role in this project and get approved by individual contributions.
    Special issues ("Call for realization"):
    • Additional authentication modules e.g. for SVNServe
    • User interface for SWT/Eclipse/RCP

Voice of the users

In this section, some of the (positive) remarks made on SVNControl are listed. Bugs and improvement comments, in particular those submitted via the anonymous web survey, will be listed as issues in the issue tracker. Thanks to all who tried or installed SVNControl, who are using SVNControl and all who provided feedback or sent in bug reports.

  • Very good job, this is really the tool that was missing to SVN! (anonymous web survey)
  • Great useful software, thank you! (anonymous web survey)
  • Great work! I have compiled the new version and it works so perfectly!! I love this tool!!! (Chuping Wu, tigris forum)
  • Thank you for this great tool. (anonymous web survey)
  • I just want to say that the SVNControl is an amazing tool and will help me so much to deploy SVN here. We’ll work with at about 180 repositories, 20 actively. (Felipe Cavalcante by email)
  • Great sware! (anonymous web survey)
  • ... I have to say the tool is really great, I am using the last version from trunk, as I need the LDAP authentication source, which works perfectly. ... Once again, great tool, I am looking forward to see the next version of it (Matthias Hoertzsch, tigris forum).
  • First off, just let me say that I think this is a great tool and just what I have been looking for. (Greg Osenbach, tiris forum)
  • let me first thank the current developers of this project for developing this product and filling up a much needed gap in svn administration tool. (Darshak Thakore, tigris forum)
  • SVNControl is a really cool project and solves a few issues we have on our development team... (Randall Cobb, tigris forum)